5 Reasons To Choose Connections Space For Your Next Event

by Connections Team
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With the clouds dispersing, sunlight was allowed to shine upon the land of Singapore once again. On this land in a certain company, Lee who is the company’s event organiser can be seen contemplating to himself as he sat at his desk. Having been tasked to organise a new event for the company, Lee had already made several preparations such as acquiring the food and drinks, planning fun activities and more. The final step was to book a corporate event venue, and with the numerous venues in Singapore, it can be difficult to decide. Yet, for Lee it wasn’t actually difficult to make his choice as he went with the same venue that the company used for their previous event. This venue was known as Connections Space. Having met 5 of Lee’s criteria, it was the most suitable event space for corporate events.

In this article, we will go through the 5 reasons why Lee chose Connections Space to hold the next event for his company.

1. Affordability

While there are various venues to choose from in Singapore, Connections Space is one of the few that offers their services at an affordable price.

Time (hours) Weekdays Weekends (includes public holiday)
    4 $400 $500
    5 $470 $600
    6 $520 $700
    7 $570 $800
    8 $620 $900
    9 670 $1000
    10 $720 $1100
    11 $770 $1200
    12 $820 $1300
More than 12 +$100/hr +$150/hr

Although it will require an additional payment of $580 SGD for security and cleaning, the location and service it provides more than makes up for it.

Additionally, if the event organiser for whatever reason chooses to cancel their booking, it is possible to get a refund, though the amount depends on the timing of the cancellation. For example, if the event organiser were to cancel within 24 hours after booking the venue, they will be refunded 100% of the booking fee. If they cancel their booking with more than 30 days left before the event, then they will receive 80% of the booking fee. If it was less than 30 days, then the event organiser would be refunded 50% of the booking fee. However, if the cancellation was made within 7 days before the date of the event, then they would be refunded 0% of the booking fee. Regardless of the number of days, the extra payment for security and cleaning services would be refunded to the event organiser in case the booking is cancelled.

As such, with its affordable pricing, Connections Space is a suitable corporate event space for event organizers with a limited budget, thus allowing them to allocate their resources to other areas.

2. Premium Location in City Fringe

Located in MacPherson, one of the reasons why Connections Square is able to provide affordable services is due to it being located in the city fringe. A city fringe refers to areas located just outside the central business district, characterised by a mix of residential, commercial, and sometimes industrial spaces. Since the cost of real estate is lower as compared to the Central Business District (CBD) and there is generally less competition in the city fringe, Connections Square can afford to have a lower price for their services.

On top of that, MacPherson acts as a bridge that connects to both the business and residential district, making it easily accessible for people to visit from either area. Consequently, this makes Connections Square an easy to access venue for attendees from the business and residential districts. Plus, it is wheelchair accessible allowing anyone to attend the event.

3. Hip & Cosy Environment

Despite only having a single floor, Connections Square has various facilities allowing event organizers to plan recreational activities in a comfortable environment. Such facilities includes:

    8 Ft Buffalo Pool Table
    200″ Projector Screening
    Games Station Machine
    Board Games Station
    Electronic Dart Board
    Floral Comfort Swing
    Free WIFI
    PlayStation 4 / Netflix
    Powerhouse Premium Karaoke System

Nevertheless, the facilities are expected to be properly taken care of and cleaned after being used. In addition to the recreational facilities, the venue is able to provide fresh bubble tea due to being partners with a tea shop. Moreover, as the event space is fully air conditioned with comfortable seating and its various services, Connections Square is able to provide a fun and cosy environment to its customers.

4. Flexibility

Companies organize events for various purposes and event’s goal can vary depending on the nature of the company. Some events are held to expand the company’s network, launch new products, or improve the bond and morale of the employees. For that reason, event organizers require the event space to provide a flexible service that will meet their needs.

Therefore, event organisers should choose Connections Square for not only are the price affordable and the location accessible, but they also provide a range of services like networking, product launches, gatherings, and more. With their range of services, Connections Square will allow event organizers to be flexible in planning the events.

5. Customer Service

With affordable prices, accessible location, cosy environment, and flexible services, Connections Space has received many positive reviews from its customers. Nonetheless, Connections Space customer service greatly contributes to its users’ experience. A good customer service is to build a relationship between the customer and provider. For that reason, Connections Space uses a website that is accessible on all platforms such that customers can preview their services, read reviews and provide a way to contact them. Moreover, customers are provided with various means of communication between Connections Space, thus allowing them to effectively communicate with each other. As a result, Connections Space can make slight changes to their services allowing them to meet their customer demands. Additionally, though a majority of the reviews are positive, Connections Square continues to improve their services by allowing customers to leave a review on their website.

In conclusion, Connections Space should be chosen as the next event space for corporate events as they provide its customers with an affordable price, a comfortable environment, and a flexible service that is easily accessible due to its location and customer service.

With the booking completed, Lee sighed in relief as he leaned against his chair. Though his work is yet to be complete till the event is over, he can at least lessen the burden on his shoulder with the help of Connections Space. Nevertheless, Lee couldn’t help but be excited as he waited for the day of the event.